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  • We have an extensive list of tools and equipment for contractor & household needs
  • We will save you time and money  (daily, weekly, monthly rates available)
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Drills, Floor Sanders, Sewer Snakes,  Pressure Washers, Air Compressors, Nail Guns, Carpet Dryer, Carpet Stretcher & Much More.

Komatsu 200 Excavator, Komatsu Dozer D32E-1, Case 580 Backhoe, Case TR270 Skidsteer, Bobcat 329 Excavator, Terramite T5C, & Kubota BX25.

Extension & A Frame Ladders.
Scaffolding Equipment 
Ladder Jacks, Picks (12 & 20 ft.)
& More  

 Professional            Welding Services 

  • Welding at shop, or Service Call        
  • Small equipment repair  
  • Heavy equipment repair
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We are a local, family owned & operated business.  Our staff is knowledgable, dependable and flexible.  We listen to our customers and strive to make your rental experience ​E-Zee. ​ Please call us today to discuss your individual rental needs!
  • Customer Service Mindset
  • Low cost
  • E-Zee solutions tailored for you
  • Professional welding services at shop or on job site
  • Family owned & operatored for over 25 years
  1. Daily, Weekly and Monthly rates
  2. Highly trained and professional staff
  3. Serve both contractors & household needs
  4. Small business allows for optiimal flexibility
  5. ​Local Dexpan Dealer
  6. Welding Solutions

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​Silverline Buffer

​Electric Hammer Jack

​Local Dexpan Dealer

​Drywall Lift 

​Pressure Washer

​40 Power Sweeper

​Carpet Dryer 

​Tile Saw 

​Bobcat Mini Excavator 

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  1. Kubota
    Kubota BX25 $175/day (8 hrs use) $700/week (44 hrs use). 4 WD, 11" bucket max digging depth 5', loader bucket 47", 6.6 gal. diesel capacity. Shipping length 95.5", height 85.4", width 44.5"
  2. Bobcat 329 Mini Excav
    $225/day (8 hrs) $875/wk (44 hrs). Op wt 7,098 lbs., Max dig depth 10'2", Width to outside tracks 5'1", & 12.3 g fuel tank. 2 buckets-24" w/teeth &/or 16" w/o teeth. Mech Thumb $55/day & other attachments.
    Bobcat 329 Mini Excav
  3. Dexpan Dealer
    E-Zee Rental is your local Dexpan Dealer for more information on this Non-Explosive Demolition agent give us a call. (304)623-1000
    Dexpan Dealer
  4. Hilti TE 70 Hammer Drill
    $45/day, $135/week includes breaker bit. Other attach-Carpet\Tile Remover $30/day, Hard Wood breaker $12/day, Multiple drill bits $10-$20/day, Multiple Core bits $35/day & Clay Spade $15/day.
    Hilti TE 70 Hammer Drill
  5. Submersible Pump
    "Multiquip" 2" Submersible Pump $35/day, $105/week. 50' sections of 2" hose $5/day, $15/week. If a lot of debris or draining a pool with plastic lining can put pump in a 5 gal bucket with multiple drilled holes.
    Submersible Pump
  6. One Man Auger
    One Man Auger $60/day, $180/week. Auger extension is 8" x 32".
    One Man Auger
  7. Log Splitter Horizontal
    Huskee 22 ton log splitter $65/day, $165/week. Can use vertically or with the pull of a pin horizontally.
    Log Splitter Horizontal
  8. Log Splitter Vertical
    Huskee 22 ton log splitter $65/day, $165/week. Can use vertically or with the pull of a pin horizontally.
    Log Splitter Vertical
  9. Silverstone SL7 Edger
    Silverline SL7 Edger $35/day, $105/week. We sell 20 grit $1.20, 36 grit $.95, and 80 grit $.65 per disc. Don't forget your knee pads.
    Silverstone SL7 Edger
  10. Tile Saw
    MultiQuip TP24 Tile Saw $45/day, $135/week. Cuts up to 24" straight or 16" diagonal.
    Tile Saw
  11. Chop Saw
    Hilti DSH-700 Chop Saw with Diamond Blade $60/day, $180/week. We sell metal blades for $12. There is a connector for a water hose to help keep dust down. Uses 50:1 fuel mix.
    Chop Saw
  12. Silverline Buffer
    Silverline Buffer $30/day, $90/week. Softer white 13" and red 12" pads for polishing, rougher green 13" and black 13" for scrubbing wax and dirt. All pads are $12.
    Silverline Buffer
  13. Pressure Washer
    9 HP $75/day $225/wk. Detergent Capable-Up to 1 gallon=3.8 L). Multiple quick connect tips available low pressure-Black-apply detergent. High pressure-White 2600 PSI/Yellow 2900 PSI/Red 3100 PSI.
    Pressure Washer
  14. Electric Jack Hammer
    Hilti TE3000 Electric Jack Hammer $60/day, $180/week. Equivalent to 60 lb. pneumatic breaker. Shock absorbent handles & lighter weight-makes breaking concrete the E-Zee part. Asphalt bit available.
    Electric Jack Hammer
  15. Power Sweeper
    "BCS" 830: 9 HP $70/day, $210/week. Seen with 40" Power Sweeper, must include "Z87" goggles/glasses and a dust mask should be worn when sweeping surfaces where dust is raised.
    Power Sweeper
  16. Drywall Lift
    15' Drywall Lift $45/day, $135/week. Holds up to 12' sheets.
    Drywall Lift
  17. Komatsu
    Komatsu 200 $800/day (8 hrs use) $2000/week (44 hrs use). 155 HP, 44" bucket Max digging depth 20', 105.7 gal diesel capcity. Shipping length 18'7", height 10'5", width 9'8".
  18. Stone Plate Compactor
    "Stone" Plate Compactor $55/day, $165/week.
    Stone Plate Compactor


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